hand-painted murals

As a child, I always drew pictures too big for the paper.  I used to find that problematic until I began painting murals.  Walls provide the perfect medium for my extra-large imagination!

The mural process is fun and collaborative.  An initial consultation is scheduled, to gather an idea of what the customer is looking for and to evaluate the space allotted for the mural.  Sketches and design ideas will be developed to determine the exact layout for the mural.

Several factors determine pricing of the mural (ex., location of mural, square footage of mural, wall quality, materials required, etc.).  A typical mural is priced at $15 per square foot.  

Throughout the mural process, I regularly touch-base with the customer, explaining what was accomplished each day and what will be worked on the following day. 

Open communication is maintained between myself and the customer.  I welcome feedback with the goal being customer satisfaction.

Please Contact Me to personalize your walls expanding your imagination.